Welcome to Cityscape Photo!

My name is Steve Rosenbach, and I’m a photographer, photo instructor, and photo workshop leader.

Cityscape Photo is a showcase for my favorite kind of photography - photographs of the urban built environment, from grand structures like skyscrapers and bridges to fireplugs and tiny architectural details. The subject matter can be magnificent or mundane; it doesn’t matter as long as the image is interesting.

With a website like this, you have to start somewhere. In this case, I’ve started with my own photographs of cities not too far from where I live in central Maryland. If you sense a bias towards New York City, and Manhattan in particular, you’re right, but you will also find images taken in Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia, and Boston.

As time goes on, I’ll expand the geographic diversity of the photos, not only with my own work, but also, with your help, your photos and stories. Together, we’ll be able to build a resource for our community of “cityscape photographers” as well as for those non-photographers who enjoy these kind of images.