Guidelines for Focus on YOUR Photos Nights

The main goal of our Focus on YOUR Photos sessions is to help you grow and develop as a photographer. We will be giving constructive criticism on most every photo submitted, and in some cases, will demonstrate ways to improve a submitted photo by editing in Lightroom. By attending these sessions, you will find that over time, the quality of your images, as well as that of our group overall, will rise.

At the end of each of these sessions, we will pick three winners who will go home with small photo-related prizes. This will add a little excitement and incentive to the night, but win or not, you’re bound to learn something at every one of these sessions that will help you be a better photographer.

Please follow these rules carefully!

  1. You can submit up to three images that meet the assignment or the theme/topic as described on the meetup page.

  2. All images need to be .JPG or .PNG format. The longest dimension should be 1024 pixels; the other dimension does not matter as long as it is 1024 pixels or less.

  3. Resolution should be 72 ppi.

  4. The filename must be a name for the image followed by underscore (_) followed by your first and last name. For example, portraitofsally_artvandalay.jpg or portraitofsally_artvandalay.png

  5. Make sure your images have no borders or watermarks (they must be annonymous.)

  6. Email your files to: with name of month PHOTO FOCUS as the subject line, for example, “JUNE PHOTO FOCUS” This is very important, and failure to do this will result in your images not being part of that month’s critique.

We will choose the winning photos based on impact, technical attributes such as exposure, color balance, and appropriate contrast, composition, and appropriateness to the theme or assignment.